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Float Your Boat: Lesson Intro Dialog

How It Works for Groups

Float Your Boat Media provides work-readiness and financial literacy solutions for underserved youth and adults. Our blended learning platform stimulates student engagement and simplifies group management, learner assessment, and compliance. We offer practical lessons to develop job search skills, workplace English, workplace social skills, and financial literacy.

Float Your Boat courses address the learning needs of English speakers and English language learners. Lesson content is current, easy to understand, and applicable to everyday situations. All courses stand alone or as complements to traditional career pathway, employment, educational and literacy programs.

Float Your Boat accommodates different educational settings including: independent, tutored, classroom, or computer lab instruction. All course materials are available to download and print anytime. Powerful group management, student assessment and compliance features are provided to support educators and administrators. The entire platform is accessible on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Three courses are offered on a subscription basis to government, CBO, and private organizations:
●    Float Your Boat English - work-readiness with English text and audio narration.
●    Float Your Boat Español - work-readiness with Spanish and English text and audio narration.
●    Where Does My Money Go? - financial literacy with English text.

In Float Your Boat English and Float Your Boat Español, lessons within each module use realistic, simulated interactions to teach job search and workplace language and skills. Lesson text is matched with audio narration to help learners correctly pronounce words and phrases, and understand the context in which the language is used. Interactive learning tools include flashcards, a résumé builder, an online job application simulation, grammar and vocabulary worksheets, and quizzes.

Float Your Boat modules are: Finding a Job, Starting a Job, Keeping a Job, and Getting a Better Job.

For Where Does My Money Go? lessons teach essential financial concepts, products, and terminology. Each lesson gives learners the information and tools they need to make responsible financial decisions. Interactive learning tools include vocabulary support, flashcards, budget worksheets, decision-making organizers, and quizzes.

Where Does My Money Go? lessons are: Income and Earning Money, Saving Money, Banks and Banking, Understanding and Managing Debt, Investing in Your Future, Protecting Your Money.

* Read how blended learning can be applied to social services employment, education and literacy programs here.

Float Your Boat: Blended Learning and Social Services